Poem -

The Legend of Lorelei and Lester

The Legend of Lorelei and Lester

Lorelei and Lester 
Were the most unlikely pair
To form such a close friendship
And yet it was there
She was destined to marry 
The Knight of Magidee
Until the battle at Dunthro Hill
Befell with tragedy

Lester was a red fox
Who also lost his mate
To hunters in the woods
He himself barely escaped
He circled around for days 
In the tragic spot
Where his vixen perished 
From the gun’s blasted shot

So lost and sad, he curled up
In fall forest leaves
While thinking of those last moments
He settled in to grieve
Lorelei found him 
And gently approached to see
If he would accept her broken heart
For company

He raised his weary head
Looked straight into her eyes
Her emotional loneliness
He recognized
Soon, he curled up on her lap
As she stroked his head
Two trusted each other 
With never a word said

From that day on, the forged friends
Bonded from sorrow
They found comfort in companionship
Love to borrow
Lorelei spoke of her beloved knight
All she could recall
Lester listened with compassion
Giving her his paw
The pair were inseparable 
Up until their last breath
Poisonous yew berries were rumored
To cause their death
Whether it was by accident 
Or a planned departure
Left speculation 
According to the King’s archer

Sweetly reposed in guarding groves
Death composed art
So a poet's muse could come alive
And a worthy legend would start 
Rest in peace, Lorelei and Lester
May you find reprieve from grief
Love lives on beyond life's veil
At least that's my belief

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Tony Taylor

WOW!! C!!.....WAAAYYY Creative poetry.....that takes the reader into a world and tale that came from your imagination.....excellent writing.....You REALLY should do more stuff like this......never know where that next book idea is going to present itself !! (smiles).....LOVE this sweetheart!!.......ALL STARS!! & PINNED!!.......T xo 🐧❤❤❤❤❤🐧

Cherie Leigh

Hey T!  Thank you.  I love narrative poetry.  It is a simple way to tell a story poetically...lol  I could see this narrative being a small part inside a story...like a side character sketch  story within a bigger story...I don't know..but since you said what you did, it got me thinking that anyway.  I am happy you liked it. That helps me have more confidence in my novel writing.  Thanks.  Love n Hugs, xo C 

Jill Tait

Totally love your imagination Cherie 🥰❤️

Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill.  Thank you.  I love narratives, because I am a storyteller at heart...and love to imagine and create other worlds....I appreciate your kind support of my poetry. xo ;)

Greg Etsell

great poem this mouth I haven't worte anything
I have so many idas wonder through my mind
I cant get out and theres writer club I want to
join but don't think I am not that good oh well your so good

Cherie Leigh

Hey Greg.  Don't talk that way.  I think a writer's club is a fun thing to join and also helps writers to challenge themselves and become better.  There are time when we just can't get our words together and other times when inspiration can't make us stop writing....lol  It happens to us all.  I am always appreciative of your kind support and to your contributions on Cosmo as well.  Thank you! xo ;)   

Wendy Wass

Love this poem Cherie I too love writing this sort of poem telling a story. You are very talented🤗

Cherie Leigh

Hi Wendy.  Thank you so much.  Narratives give a chance to be imaginative and tell an an emotional truth through fiction.  Whenever I write, my goal is to make the reader FEEL.  You are very kind.  i appreciate your support.  xo ;) 

A Lonely Journey

What a beautiful, sad, hopeful, tragic, wonderful, angelic, Shakespearean like write(but more friendly, and sweet). Love your mind, Kiddo! Love the love that constantly radiates from your heart. You're like the sun, my friend, a constant, warming light. 
Great write. Please keep writing, you make me retreat to wonderful lands where the only thing that matters is love...and that's the place I've always wanted to be. 


L and H, 


Cherie Leigh

Thank you!  I know this narrative is a bit sad, but it represents in my mind that connection and bond in love that is irreplaceable.....a connection even in death lives on.   If you retreat to wonderful lands where the only thing that matters is love, and where  you have always wanted to be, then that is a huge compliment and makes me happy!  You have been so kind to support my poetry and get the heart of my themes.  Bless you, my friend.

xo Cheerie ;)