Poem -



Ingesting the sin shaped vessel
to stop the natural flow,
which half of humanity is so designed to have.
But why?
Why does the burden lay upon the feminine kind -
to decide whether to bear a child or not?
Routine of ingestion,
Is to only dismiss the invigorating pain of a small yet large human inside,
Of the soft, pink comfort lined uterus.

The pain yet so far away but so clear like its present,
the vivid image of blood and tears, allows me to do it all over again.
Just to not bear the pain of a child.
Nor the pain society inflicts upon that child.
But, for me the pain will never come. As i willingly ingest the sinful shaped vessel which prevents it.

Why must we keep the cycle going?
Clone after clone, human mongrels birthed into the world and hypnotised by body image, clothing and war.
My lack of contribution seems revolutionary to end the  vicious rotation of our growing population.

So, tell me again how the pill promotes promiscuity. Because to me, It protects girls from unthinkable nightmares, disregards them from making adult decisions to terminate a possible life.
It allows equal rights between all types of women - not discriminating against colour.
It gives women the opportunity to bow out from the never-ending traditional role forced upon them to produce offspring.

But, we are much more than that.
A child cannot be the only purpose for us in the world.
That is why, the tiny sinful vessel.
Is not so sinful after all.

Is protecting your body really a sin?  


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pauline codd

interesting, I am glad I never took it, meddling with natural process, but for those that do take it..the choice is theirs..or is it..?

Lora Dawn

From my view, girls should take the pill if they decide to and if needed - equal choice. And for those who believe the pill promotes promiscuity, i disagree.. 
Right now the world is bad and I don't think so many children should be birthed into it - as women are made to feel like they should have children. 

pauline codd

it's the individuals choice I agree, I neither promote nor disregard it, but I chose not to have it in my system,, dont need it now too old.  

Lora Dawn

Yes exactly that's your choice. I'd rather not take it but it's the only way I trust.