Poem -

The Question.

The Question.

Trembling fingers on outstretched hand,
A single tear escapes unplanned
The hopes of one for dreams of two,
A desperate plea for lifetime true

A meeting on enlightened place,
Revealing smile upon his face
Could there be a heart this true?
With Angel eyes that spotted you?

He'd asked her to the garden there
Where wind blew back her auburn hair
And all the flowers she adored,
Paled in his eyes to her accord

A brief exchange of cordial fare,
But soon he found his heart aware,
That all the searching...all the time,
Was found within her stunning rhyme

He fumbles with the golden band
And reaches for her ivory hand
A struggle for that perfect phrase,
To make so brilliant all his days

Pausing as he plans his words,
She ponders over what she heard
'I've fallen into dreams with you'

'I feel my love is also true'

Then gazing in her deep, blue eyes,
He nearly gives in to the skies,
But love it wakes him from his dream,
And leads him back along his theme

'I think I love you more than time,
For words without you hold no rhyme,
And every dream I see is you...
Can we see forever through?'

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A Lonely Journey

Hi Matt, 
Parrotlegg again. Hey, I thought the Worst Poem Contest was over! What's going on here? Late entry? This should win easily. 

Legg IV. 

A Lonely Journey

Hey Matt, Jerome Parrotlegg IX, again. 
I'm trying to hit the 'request deletion' button on your poem, but it's not working. Please rescind it manually. Thank you. 
Leggg IX. 

A Lonely Journey

Thank you, my friend! You're awesome. 
I wasn't sure if anyone would understand it(I know I don't! LOL), but I used the italicization to kind of construe that it was memories coming back to him prior to his question. It obviously fell flat with all involved, except you, who are supremely intelligent. Thank you! 

Your friend, 


Cherie Leigh

Hi Matthew..This is so beautiful, and such a romantic scene for a proposal...I love how you share the thoughts from the man's perspective.  I know I tell you all the time, but you have such a sweet sentimental heart that comes through in your poetry. It felt dreamy and magical....for such a special moment in time. You are great at the romance genre, which is my favorite, of course...lol.  Thank you for always inspiring and showing the world in a most beautiful way with hope and love in the foreground.  Love n Hugs, Cheerie xo

A Lonely Journey

Awww, thank you, Cheerie!! 
You are too kind! I'm usually so much better at writing sad, because I know it a lot better, but I think your wonderful heart is rubbing off on me...I've got a blood stain on my shirt(LOL!). 
You are always so kind, and sweet. You make me want to write like that. 
It's obviously not that good(I got 350 reads, and 2 likes. lol), but if you liked it, that's all that matters. Thank you! 
You're amazing, and lovely, and sweet. 

Love and hugs, 


Fiona Cummings

Matthew I don't know how the whole world haven't fallen in  love with you. You must be a girls dream with such words. How ar you not winning every compitition on here? Must be fixed. LOL. I was telling my friend about your words and she wants to join this group just to read your poems.

Richard Waters

This is a scorching piece. It, works so well. It, elevates reflection and perspective to a higher level. Bringing the past and present into a blend of true romantic emotion. Wonderfully crafted. With, a style and charm to be proud of. 
You, lift poetic judgements and expressive artistry, with messages a plenty nicely interwoven into the passionate outpourings. Lovely read.
Thanks, for, sharing. And, caring. Such attributes shown here, make life and love connect, fully.
Take care.