Poem -

The veil of skiés

The veil of skiés

Peart the oud sun shall
but rise, and fall
to the vigil
of these perdurable

the vacuous

unbarred veterans
of the unspoken


that which sister's
guilt tear aphotic
to sallow faces,

to dare

in ebullience 
steadies the

leer the wounds afar
in resonance ,



AN: Through life's intolerable circumstance there is this beautiful escape found through the melody, I woke up today in this profound realization that not even in my dreams there is any sign of happiness left in me.

I once ventured through the dark expanse, the unuttered void , if you sit still enough observing nature there's this frequency that is being channeled through it , about a year ago my body became weakened and I collapsed , before this happened while I was sitting these black birds came in a short distance of me chirping at me , my first interpretation was that they seemed angry towards me , but in their eyes I saw a different realm , it's as if they came providing passage to the other side.

There's this estranged feeling of simply letting go, everything about it felt right , there is a sense of belonging to it ,the invisible, the intangible , the unknown .

Maybe there's a better way to call unto an end of this present state, without some distorted violent way of saying goodbye. 

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Greg Etsell

wow what a awesome poem
always find my deep side
and bring it out you make me want to write
like this thank you

Tony Taylor

My goodness sir!!
As I sit here this evening.... in a state of illnesses unrest.....I came upon this poem ( and only this poem) in a moment that seemed fated to be....I cannot possibly express in words how much this has lifted my spirits and intense curiosity about the hereafter having been a longtime advocate of the metaphysical potential of man....... and especially so with the spectacularly well chosen 'Greenpeace Video' of the pianist amid the melting icecaps...... wow!!.....I cannot thank you enough......I am your ever-cyber-friend and admirer.......🐧✴👏👏👏👏👏✴🐧❤.......truly fine work Merrill..... and beyond!!........T xo


i pray you are well my friend and staying strong , I'm grateful for your insight review and I'm also blessed to have you drop by in such timely manner...

Cherie Leigh

Hello Merrill....I was happy to see you on  Cosmo. Your work is always so profound and emotional to read.  I appreciate the integrity of your poetry by how well thought your verses are.  I feel such pain and yet acceptance.  When I watched the video it made me so aware of how nothing lasts forever, even our world is falling apart around us...There is a greater plan and life beyond the frail ones we live in our failing bodies....It is sad, and yet there is hope when we accept that we will all experience a day of transcendence beyond our limits in this physical existence....a peace to it.  I live with peripheral neuropathy and arthritis that gets me down and the pain reminds me that I am temporary and vulnerable to the laws of physical limitations....I know you understand this well too.  Your work is indicative of that accepting condition.  I love your title and also how discerning you are in your own life of signs and visions of profound meaning.  I wish you healing and peace.   I loved this piece!  xo  ;)    

Gerard McGowan

Have you ever read the power of now by Eckhart tolle, I'm pretty sure I have mentioned him before but your mind and thinking is enlightenment, nothing more and nothing less, you are there, in that wonderful place, receiving lifes answers.

Share them Merrill.

Thank you.

Barry Childs

Wow, Merrill. Beautiful, just beautiful.
Barry x


Very Powerful brother!  Are you still with us?  I need your commentary as you are just a perfect mentor to me.  Love the work


forgive me my brother I'm at a place now where I've become more silent and with it the inconsistencies thereof...

Blessings to you bro...

Carol Anne

amazing, beautiful , what what more can I say but magnificent and heart felt ! 🦋🦋