Poem -

the voice

The Voice.

the truth??

No one has ever
my genuine voice.

Because I have
found (or created)
it yet.

but soon
comes the day.

when the last
veil shall be lifted and

see a world of
rainbows where
Shadows once existed.

and will you be there
with me?

staring like the
ghost of history?

or forever
absent from My

(a spectre of
ancient memories.)

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Cherie Leigh

Hey J...I wonder if any of us truly know our true voice...Are we always seeking to find our authentic self?  But if we do get through the haunting shadows of life to finally see the rainbows, perhaps there is a rebirth of our spirit in some way that allows us to see ourselves for who we really are without the burdens and pain holding us back....deep concept.  Tony picks on my voice, because I am a southern girl, and although my accent has been changed a lot over the years by being around people who did not have a southern accent, mine will slip out in certain words and thinks it is "cute'...sigh.  I guess you can take the girl out of the south, but you cannot take the south out of the girl...lol .  Great write.  xo ;)