Poem -

the wolf eyed shepherd .

The Wolf Eyed Shepherd.

The Lost Sheep
always graze in
Wolf infested Pastures,
caught in the gaze
of Promising Eyes;
that fill their heads
with humor, and Laughter!
(to forget they only Cry.)

I can feel their
stares upon Me.
Even as I rest,
I sense them
trying to get inside!
To The Place where
Innocence sleeps,
and breeds, then Dies!,
as it falls Victim to a
Nameless Grave!
(which was previously

I am not of
Sheep however.
Nor do I dream
the Dreams they

The darkness paints
my Heart Forever,
as I sit within this
pit of screams!
(and nothing but
those wretched
shrieks can define

I am the Wolf
eyed Shepherd.
From out of my
Parched, and Parted
Lips shall come the
"Truth" that there
 is none...This Life
is a Lie! And soon
you will realize that
your Paradise is nothing
more than Hell's Disguise!,
that leads lost Souls to
their demise, and in the
Mind makes Faith surmised!
Without one fact!
(that it was Justified.)

I am not Good,
nor am I Evil.
I am a Product
of The People.
Their Dreams,

The Lands they
conquer by Fire!
The Cities and the
Streetways low
beneath that Gold

All of these and
Ye are a part of me...
your Reflection looking
 into you as you Drown
 in Me...blindly!
Corrupted by your
own sick need to Be!
(like some God you
don't know personally.)

The Lost sheep
 always graze in
wolf infested Pastures,
caught in the gaze of
promising Eyes,
that fill their heads
with humor and laughter.
But in the End
you'll only Cry!!!!

(as Fear defines the
Substance of Mans Faith.)


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Cherie Leigh

Hey J...Your title drew me in right away...You are so darn creative!  I think fear motivates most of men's hearts, and that is a shame really....I wish love was at the heart of motivations...but we are all like lost sheep who trust the wrong ones for our care and pretend we are happy but cry like the bleating ship inside...I see so much angst and revelation in this....for the false pretenses of this world and misplaced faith....Incredibly deep work.  You are so good!  xo Love n Hugs, Cherie  ;)  

Marion Price

A favourite of mine, though you have posted a few more recent gems so I may have to rethink. You have true talent my friend and I'm so glad you are letting it shine 💕