Poem -

to your image and likeness

to my mother

to your image and likeness

when I sing
            for you I sing
            because you I sing
when I dance
            for you I dance
            because you I dance
if you raise your hands
            I fly and together we fly
If I cry
    you dry my face
    with your skirt of humanity
I see you and I know what you are thinking on
    as I come from your insides
my father says
    I cost him another rib
you say
      I was born from two heartbeats of your heart
and that's why
sometimes your left ear itches
because I was born the second

I ask you
        -who am I? –
        covering my face with my hands
you answer
       - anything you wish to be
as you resembles me-
and I smile
because looking at you
I see myself
and you are the most beautiful person I know

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al Bikaadi

It's a precious piece of writing. Thanks for sharing it with us.