Poem -



There's something alluring by the curing of your smile.. It's as if the moment has prescribed unto me a dosage of beauty in which I wish to own. My eyes are taking photographic memories of your mind as you have spoken wishful thoughts into the existence of my well being, and I find myself keying at the locked entries of your heart. You're a morning star rising to give rest to the moon as it leaves the presence of your shine in awe, and I'm confined within a blind spot.. Your radiance is not only in the physical aspects of your nature, but the essence of your thoughts.. The motions of your movement creates optical illusions that ensnares my vision, we're of two different worlds but there's pleasure in our collision.. Seeing that I've waited lifetimes.. For the two of us to collide. It's as if it's our second time meeting for the first time and as our planes of existence becomes aligned the embodiment's of our spirits becomes intertwined, a momentary stepping out of time and our lifelines slips into a single filed line, in which I stand.. Offering you a standing ovation because the correlation between your heart and mind mutually agrees with the soul, the dark matters of my mind is replaced by the lightheartedness of the scriptures being read from your scrolls, my imagination unfolds the scenery as its stretched by the expressions being given unto me to hold.. I'm enlightened by your presence as I stand in the light of this present that has been bestowed upon me by a higher power in the form of a celestial being in whom I'd like to remove the jeans from the pool of genes in which I shall.. Swim. Submerging myself within the genetic tides of your makeup as you surf tides of my thoughts with appealing probabilities, I'm peeling at the layers beneath you as you ride not only me, but the processes of my neurons into a sea of impulses and possibilities and we.. Transcend.

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Simon Bromley

I really enjoyed this very discriptive and in depth ink.  Very well written.  Thanks for sharing.