Poem -

War effects.

War effects.

He just turned eighteen  
He received his army greens 
He blew out his cake 
He wished to be saved 

He held his mother tightly 
As she fell down to the floor 
His father had been and gone 
He never came back from war 

His mother cried out loudly 
His sister understood
For she had watched her father leave 
She knew he was gone for good

They waited at the bus stop 
As all the young men gathered 
There they waved their final goodbyes
Fathers, uncles, brothers. 

Silence filled the towns  
As people would come to prey 
Soldiers getting ready for war 
Entering their final days 

Once the war had stopped 
Many were quick to hope 
For today was the day 
That the soldiers would come home 

People gathered in the streets 
Trying to find each other 
Crying faces everywhere 
Hearts pounding like thunder 

For there was a man who tapped a lady
Ever so softly upon her shoulder 
For when she turned around to see; 
She recognised a boy much older. 

For when her brother had left her side 
He was barely a child himself 
He was fit and healthy and ready for war
But now hes un-recognisable 

He was happy to be home 
 And he suffered each day 
For he had watched his best friends die 
And His life rotting away 

Sleeping never happened 
The voices didn’t fade 
The boy locked himself in his room 
His mother would always pray

How his life had been taken 
His brains been used 
his body completely battered 
And his soul deeply bruised 

He saw no purpose 
He had no faith 
He belittled himself 
In every single way 

It wasn’t till late one night 
When he heard his sisters prey 
Lord rid my brothers pain 
Please make his terrors go away

My brother is a hero 
He fought amongst many others 
He is not the same though 
He can’t un hear his brothers 

Send him all his fallen strength 
Restore all his power
For I have faith in you 
Please help Save my brother 

The anniversary came 
And the anzcas were all remembered 
Their stood amongst them all 
Was a sisters bravest brother. 



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Baker Street

I was only eighteen when I went to war. Nice poem for all old soldiers!


So was my Pop, you are all amazing people. I am truly thankful, bless you. 

Terry Kay

I can't imagine watching a love one go to war.  What a dedication to those who serve and give so much!  Great write.  Terry Kay