Poem -

Wave Upon Wave

Wave Upon Wave

Laying down, laying down,  
My hand reaches below.    
Touching myself,    
My mind quickly fills    
With fantasies of you.    
Of the way your strong hands    
Glide over my body    
Sending waves of electricity all over.    
Your mouth, and tongue,    
Kissing my breasts,
Gently like waves lapping on the shore,    
While you explore my body  
With a hunger that I can feel deep inside.
Savoring every inch, which causes moans    
To break free from my mouth    
Making my attempt not to be hard    
All in vain. I return to the present,  
My fingers rub with greater intensity    
As the warmth starts to build inside me.    
My breathing starts to labor,    
My back arching in response,    
My legs tremble,    
My fingers push inside,
Surprised by the wetness.    
I beg for the tension to end,    
Finally feeling the release,    
Wave upon wave of it    
Causing my body to shudder    
Until I’m as still as the night.    
I lament, wishing it were your hands    
That brought this feeling out of me.

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Dean Kuch

Uh, Charlotte?
I hate to ask this because I realize it's considered taboo for a man to ask a woman's age.
But just how old are you, really?
You write like a woman of the world—a gal who knows what she's talking about because she's had the benefit of life's experiences.
Yet in your profile picture you look as if you're about 14.
If you're...oh, say... a twenty-something college English Lit major as well as a poet, consider this a compliment.

I'm not one who reads much erotica.
I find it unnecessary as I experience this sort of thrill on a weekly basis with regularity.
I have LOTS of female friends with benefits.
Nicely written, just the same.
~Dean Kuch ♥🖤~💀~🖤♥

Charlotte Mae

14. Ouch. lol Yeah, yeah I look younger than I am. I'm 18. Also, *looks around* I have had sexual experiences. Shhhhhh. 

Dean Kuch

Then consider what I wrote as a compliment.
That youthful appearance will serve you well once you reach my age.
I'm almost 58 (June 21) and still get carded for cigarettes.
Go figure, heh-heh-heh...
Keep those creative juices flowing.

In hindsight perhaps "juices" was a poor choice of words, ahem **coughs spasmodically**...

~Dean Kuch  ;)


A very good write!

Tina x

Faith Van Riel

Hmmm, giving away our secrets...lol  this was very descriptive and erotic it is, good write dear Charlotte!!