Poem -

Weddings are Funerals.

It was myriad number of years i knew you, friend. 
Sitting there next to the rest of your weeping friends, we watched you go. 
The fabrics of white you were painted in, and a glow from jewels he bought you, all of it told me you’re gone. Tears fall until soon i remember that one of those days of freedom and happiness were with me in that corner cafe- and we didnt know it would of been our last.  

Why am i here again? On another chair and its to be sat for the love of you. You never waited for my time. Yet here you are under the soil, ridiculously this feeling is so familiar to me. Now everyone is crying and  i lost you once again. 

From me to you; 
always look left and right on roads.  Make sure anyone nearby does too. Put your seatbelt on.
Never forget to be mindful and kind.  Be thankful for the people around you who support and love you, let them know you do. But who's love matters that will matter the most to you is your own.