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What About Me (The Story of the Alamo)

What About Me (The Story of the Alamo)

My name is Susanna Dickinson
Wife of Officer Almeron Dickinson
Mother of Angelina Elizabeth Dickinson
Lover of a man who believed sacrifice was glory
And this, my friends, is my story

And what about me and my child
Hiding in this chapel, defiled
Are we to be executed
Imprisoned, or saluted?
Or discarded to starve in the wild

Travis gave my daughter his wedding ring
Saying, he will not be needing this thing
Bowie said she was his Moll
Davy Crocket made her a doll
From old wood, lace and string

My palms cover my hurting ears
From the sound of guns and fear
And screams from my oldest friends
Waiting with Angelina for the end
My bloodshot eyes fill with tears

And where are the long summer days
In the lush fields of a Texas haze
Thirteen lonely nights separate me
From my beloved home and misery
And what about me and the child I raise

And after the slaughter, we survived
To be taken into the light, deprived
The sun shines on a bitter day
As we are led away
Smiling faces, all contrived

Santa Anna is perched on his Italian
Oversized, white Murgese stallion.
Mexican feathers wave with ease
From atop his grand helmet in the breeze.
And surrounding his silver medallion

He holds a blood red rag
Dead fighters, the price of his flag
Eyes fixed on the old wooden gates
That concealed his prey that his hates
and stares like a wild Mexican stag

Behind him stand six thousand beholders
Mexican honour on their shoulders
A few metres from the stone wall can
that was the collective jacket of less than
two hundred massacred soldiers.


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Tony Taylor

Wow BARRY!!...I didn't think Santa Anna left anyone alive that final day..... happy to hear that wasn't the case.....I too love the history lessons you offer in your poetry......I really need to keep up with your stuff more..... just having trouble keeping up with ANYTHING these days!!..... cuz....." There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on!" right now...... anyway, keep up the great work dear poet brother!!......ALWAYS a pleasure!!......T xo 🐧✴❀

Barry Childs

Thank you, Tony. There were only a few female survivors and a child. I read Sussana Dickinson's account that she conveyed soon after. It amazed me how true and accurate the old John Wayne film was. I was always led to believeΒ it was vastly exaggerated. Thank you for your kind words. I have revamped it since you read it. It now rhymes as in a quintain.Β  Barry x

Larry Ran

Dear Barry,

What a beautiful, yet sad tale of the wives and children of who lost their beloved husbands and fathers at The Alamo.Β  These great heros sacrificed their lives, outnumbered eight to one, but still held The Alamo for several days.Β  Unfortunately, Sam Houston never arrived with his army, to save them.Β  We will "Remember The Alamo", forever.

Larry xxx

Barry Childs

Thank you, Larry. It was written following Susanna Dickinson'sΒ account. I was amazed at how true the old film was. Barry x

Terry Kay

Barry, Very nice and I've spent many nights across the street from the Alamo at the Riverwalk. Love, Terry Kay

Barry Childs

Thank you, Terry. I'm jealous. What a beautiful place.Β  Β Barry x