Poem -

When I Go Home Tonight I'll Kill Myself

(merely a poem- I'm OK now)...

When I Go Home Tonight I'll Kill Myself

When I go home tonight I'll kill myself:
The antidepressants make me high.
I can't be bothered any more.
I don't know the reason why.

Temptation has called for many many years
Perhaps it's had it's way.
And I won't have to worry
Any more.  Any day.

(Better not to cut myself 
As I tried a month ago.
Cleaner ways to end my life:
An overdose of paracetamol).

Bye bye everyone 
You won't see me again.


(NB: The photo is of my carpet when I had an epileptic seizure, fell and cut my forehead).

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Icarus Flocke

Though this comes from a very dark
place, it's well written, and articulate.

I won't waste a breath lecturing you
on the pros and cons of suicide because
I imagine you have well considered it
and mulled it over in your head enough
to fill novels of thought.

But I do have personal experience with
it's end results. (my brother killed himself
in 2013)

good job bro. 

keep writing.


Michael Champion

So sorry for your loss.
  I wrote this a few days ago- but only posted it here yesterday.  I was feeling angry and frustrated at the time.