Poem -

Wonderful Connections

Wonderful Connections

2 glasses of whiskey, both 12 years old,
It's what brought us together, in this crazy melancholy world.
We bantered, and we laughed,
Speaking of the world's most strange, and wonderful things.

Watched a dog, on a stool, at the bar,
Conversing with all the merry and joyful patrons.
We left, and we said goodbye to our Bierhaus,
I imagined walking you to the taxi line,
But the night was far too good to end then,
So we stumbled back to mine, with a smile.

We laughed, and hugged,
We kissed, and we cuddled,
For all the night long,
Till the break of dawn........
......it turned out, we never needed the whiskey in the end,
Just the connection we made,
And the friendship we built.

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Lovely poem. The style is quite understated and yet it gives a really powerful picture and the emotions can be clearly felt. Very clever.

welcome to Cosmo ☺

Tina x

Paul Burke

Much appreciated Tina. It's the first thing I've written in 20 odd years....watch this space 😂😂

Shorty Green

Wow this is something I've never read before in a poem it's amazing I really like it. X

Paul Burke

Thanks Shorty, very appreciated 😊