Poem -

Your looks

Your looks

Your golden eyes linger in my mind
Fighting a battle between green and brown
Hidden behind the glasses you wear
Outshining your playfull smile

I could watch their colors dance
For hours without blinking mine
Without even once being bored
Of what I see

Your cheerful smile
Dancing over your lips
Showing a color of pink against your darker skin
Moving in a rhythm I have yet to comprehend

Your dark brown hair styled to the back
Hiding little strands of blond
With the curls trying to escapeΒ 
And your hand trying to fix it

Time and time again
Your looks mesmerize my mind
As I watch your muscles move
During a game of pool
Or your cheeks tighten as you try to protect us

Yet I have to watch you in silence
As I hide behind a name of friends
Cause you love another

- CrystalSoulySR -

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Aww that's so sweet poem. I appreciate that ... and I understand how one sided love feels like... crushing over someone... seeing them with a lens of eyes like no painter no photos can capture their beauty ... such a romantic poem. Please refer to my poems as well if you like please comment like and share your views. Thank you! and I pray that you will get your love by destiny very soon.


Thank you Zoya!
Yes, I have read some of your poems and they are lovely 😍


Geeeeeeeeee!!!!! You are so in love with him :)Β