Review -

when i first found this site , i was very grateful to receive comments from the V, I, P s on here and it was lovely to receive a warm welcome. This seems like a site full of talented individuals and i love being able to read others works. The only negative i would say is.. i am not so sure the number of reads is helpful to the members on here, the only reason i say this is because it makes one think that the majority are not willing to come forwards and support/ comment . When i first came on here , there were very minimal amount of comments on my work and i felt my work was under- appreciated , being able to see al of the time , how many people have viewed your work and then receiving one or two comments, sometimes zero ... this left me feeling like there was not enough support and encouragement on here. However i am always grateful to anybody who supports and comments on my work , for without those people , i would likely not be on here. 

Maybe this site could have a rule , which states for every one of our poems posted.. we comment on someone elses , perhaps on somebody's work who has received no comments at all . 
I still see this now , many works on here which are under appreciated and not supported, i read a poem the other day and it was amazing yet nobody and i mean nobody left a comment or a like , i was the first person to do so . I just feel sad for those people on here who's work is ignored or unappreciated , because we all need support and encouragement , not just some , but all of us .. how are we going to be motivated to keep writing if the support is very much lacking, it can leave one downhearted and makes us question why we are even sharing our work. just some of my random thoughts . 

i am not criticising this site nor anybody on here, but i do feel not enough people get the support they so rightly deserve and the number of reads stated .. is there any need for this , does it help or hinder ?