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As the Sea Gathers Time: (Part 1)

As the Sea Gathers Time: (Part 1)

Author's(ha! author!) Note: I like the way Silky is doing that Vampire series, so she(and other wonderful people on here) inspired me to write one of those. The only problem is that I just started writing on here, so I have no direction, or story yet, just some ramblings of a story. Hopefully, I can continue it, and come to a good conclusion as I progress. No one reads me anyway, so it doesn't really matter, but I think it's kind of neat, because it forces you to write, and think on your feet. Thanks for not enjoying. M. 

Part 1: 

As legend goes, the clocks had all stopped at 6:30 PM on that Monday. There was no warning. No disturbing event that caused all mechanisms to seize, but merely a dark, yet only slightly noticeable fog that seemed to roll in in the night, just under the clouds, and sat there, as a grim harbinger, silently, and peacefully.

I had met Shelly on a moonlight cruise through the Tallinger Bay Boating Company, on a lonely Saturday, and instantly felt attracted to her. Perhaps it was the brilliantly romantic setting of the cruise(a red and white floral and cloth fantasy with Van tugging fiercely at the heart’s unseen audio sensors, crooning Someone Like You), or maybe it was the wine making my eyes see more than normal, but she had something about her that would not allow me to stop staring. She wasn’t what masses of unimaginative people would call beautiful, but there was something about her, something about the look in, and about, her eyes that intrigued one, and had such stark originality, that I couldn’t help but long to forever spend my days looking into them, and discovering her answers. At that moment, I knew she was the only one I could truly love forever, but I didn’t know, as life continually confounds us, whether I would ever meet her, or what her situation entailed. I had become lost in her eyes, and could never escape them.

That night, as I lay in bed, the ocean gently rocking me into near sleep, I dreamed of her, awake, yet in a dream-like state. I dreamed of days in the sun, staring into those eyes, speaking volumes, without saying a word, feeling as if my heart may swell from my chest, and contemplating forever, and all it’s beautiful expanse.

That was the last time I would dream…that was the night time expired.


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Cherie Leigh

How can you not have a plot yet, Matthew?  It seems to me that you have already set the story for a kind of obsessive feeling of a lonely  man on a cruise ship...wanting to pursue what feels instinctual...I can already tell you are a good writer with novel potential in how you describe things.  I cannot wait to see where you are going with this. You know I like I am already intrigued.  I think it is great that you are inspired. xo ;)