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Have you ever felt so lost, only thing you can feel or see is the current tragedy unfolding? Nothing else can exist. You can’t take in deep breaths, drowning in your thoughts and emotions. Wanting to open your eyes, needing to wake up from this nightmare. Surrounded by darkness, where did your light go? Everyone avoids you, you’re too sad, angry or emotional. Wanting to judge you instead of helping you. Once you had faith, is it still buried inside? Will you, won’t you gather the strength to dig it out.

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Katina Woodruff...

Good work poet! 

I like how you used the 2nd person point of view, it was like you were talking to the reader. 

If had to answer the above narrative, I would have to say, yes. When you go through a major life event, the Earth that was once round, becomes flat again. Like, you are walking on a tight-rope, twenty stories up, you lose your focus and almost fall on the rope, but instead, you pick up your virtual pen and begin writing new ideas, reaching thousands with your interpretations, your poetry. 

When "You" is inserted in a poem, it engages the reader to open up, to reflect and to comment. 

Good work. 
I'm Katina by the way, 
I started coming to this site mid-December
and now I'm totally and utterly addicted. 

Have a great night. 


Emily Downard

Thank you Katrina!! 

Definitely was hoping for responses! I love engaging with others in a poetic manor. 

Loved your thoughts 💭 

I haven’t been on long but I am also addicted



every now and again we're allowed to crawl out from the tomb of our wretched
existence, and feel the glory of the sun by our creator , floating among the clouds ..

Everyone avoids you, you’re too sad, angry or emotional. Wanting to judge you instead of helping you..

this is powerful , a brutal truth among humans...

I've learnt this the hard way,  that pain is one of the most unattractive of emotions, if ever love is to be tested by it, you're fortunate for the very few that chose to remain in silence , to just be there..

No one could replicate your life and feel exactly what you've felt and experienced. 

thank you for having the courage to share 🌼


Emily Downard

Absolutely! You have to hold on to those that’s don’t let you go in your darkest times. 

thank you for your amazing comment ❤️