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He Drenched her Laugh Lines

 He Drenched her Laugh Lines

Historic, Hightstown, wrapped porch  ♥ New Jersey  ♥. Her uniqueness stands out, it says " It's alright it's me only me rapid fire burst of Robin words aging for the ageless. She didn’t care about her lines, he was wrapped around her Jersey shore always wanting more how it was beaming on his baby blue eyes. How the moon shaped inside her ankle and wrinkles, she was always the singer family tree performing. Having mid-life, laugh putting on Moulin rouge, high cheek’s gravity. Walking with poise and such purity going east side feeling refreshed I felt like the spa today getting my mint julep mask so serene and peaceful the place was on Madison my laughing and fun avenue. I was right where I needed to be in my mint green zone touch of blue azure.I had to go on the West side meeting my trip down memory lane this tour man guided me in the right direction with his sexy vested attire he was in my million star martini beaming lights.What a dream walker good luck rain NJ East Windsor the Queen just fasten your seat crown.He drenched you with his rain. Because I am coming with her mind on overload. I needed a shrink sometimes I cannot recognize myself that angel eyes slip notwithstanding like a floor tile is missing. What a flood did I step on some lines and cracks who is laughing maybe she was imagining it felt familiar. As funny as things can be I will always be the Uptown girl. How upset daisy things marveled I love the concrete blonde music and Marilyn Monroe how she lifted the pink clouds.The last laugh line ebbing speak diamonds girls best friend. Living in my own___ craziness let me tell you the truth world. Maybe, three, apple, computer’s looking like a bookworm wiggly wrinkles, not yet who would be ready for that standing on line’s Walking in the City  Madame Trousseaux, wax museum, standing, next to a man, but was he wax I couldn't tell the difference.If I lit a candle next to him I wouldn't know the difference.I was wetting my lips to glance up at him I thought he was really dreamy champagne and I needed an ocean lift of a change.Going out to the Rainbow room make room for my caviar taste I didn't want to leave taking in sips of air so going back home Christmas tree Starbuck’s coffee.Being with family I encountered reasurring smile if the shoe fits lucky red I wont get a kiss from my cell phone ringing Prince loving my coffee and my diamond baquettes on either side of me sparkled.Remembering a time with Howard Shultz, he was my brother’s friend’s., memories friend’s, love diary, that’s

 worth more 14 karat gold lines I rather B somewhere higher climbing Trump Tower. Maybe her eyes were more on the flash coming bobbing Robin lights around with Kris Kinglet. My wavy body of ringlets going to the marina with collection of funky shops.

I am enjoying my life I am a wife, singer, poem writer & I wouldn’t trade my line’s for anything. Serendipity my sex in the city ice cream 59th street chandelier’s to the height’s that’s my Serendipity Never waiting on lines she was thankful and so happy

Aging finding dignity. The woman angelic. Aging it’s her time turning divinely. Quaint walk through the Town of Cranberry rose blossoms aged perfection tree.Losing some ripeness strawberry Goddess sunshine vitamin  D speaks out to her. There should be more love E 4 Exotic. Some homes distressed like woman aging leaves were falling

Beautiful foliage, she loves got her attention opened up a memory. Scrapbook college she loved pictures flowers   

 Earthly Mom sometimes holding plants, seeing her laugh lines Mirror on the fall Mommy is not the dearest, Flower pot inpatient’s love runs out screaming so impatient.

  Hanging over her deck getting the sun sooner or later something else will be hanging out? My body will change                                        Laugh line’s imperfect but hold’s proud

drenched mid cycle love of ray. Hormones were all the same after awhile walking in the crowd.Pretty picture window anticipation flowers needed time.

 Was on her side to bloom. Move over Robin needs more room She told herself she needed more patience, love seeds of a miracle let them mature TCM I need to Copeland wine.                                                        

 She needed to tumble back Genie eye glimpse. Bottle wine & I love 2 dine. Changing leaves falling or friends running, and jumping. She’s the Robin

  On her pogo stick Now all I do on the computer click but is it clicking.My brain feels like shrinking. Maybe I should play video games he has the touch of the joystick. Lol! I should try Goggle click his body was wet pushing her into the wet music sound Dick & Jane & spot. New age fashion new black, the widow 2 B being taken

Bad game of a plot. Money running out what I’m I left with. What do we really C to B in the old age? Warrior with heirloom sword I am getting a taste of how a man jumped me and sword me down what a stinky smell sword my fish.

Barbara Candle slick double indemnity wrinkled eyes but still slick. Forest Gump, you never know what you get in a box it’s not chocolate Presidential Mr! Trump.I voted for him good choice Someone’s note it wasn’t his words like a night dark forest but the blood started to pump her heartbeat quick sand. But too many intersections to cross I felt I was sweating bullets what else could be thrown in my face mud packs.Something in the way she felt him sinking in face spa he lined her face with what an elusive memory kicked in he took a spot off her face a crumb he lowered his head and touched her mouth he went numb.The letter that came was mailed to the wrong red heart door.How could this happen maybe you should get up on stage JLO & throw your x-old lover 2 the floor. You hear a voice your time is running out. Drinking over 50 Grey shades my Earl tea. Shit! he said were even how she sensually touched his lips what a salty taffy New Jersey shore beach me felt his sexy jaw.  ♥ New Jersey  ♥ that’s me. Love the Gothic but felt as shaky as a Jell-O did I feel his earthquake.

 Magic Mike dance the roses were hot pink and the material was some kind of latex synthetic he was so pathetic throwing my cane Christmas tree jiggling plea. What a heavy old breather.

 Falling 4 Autumn  Gothic darker tan life leaves I am sagging and starting to lose gravity. The happenings the world of NJ Housewives versus their husband metals of wars took over to my good looks of sexual gravity. I’m eating 2 much of Mom’s Italian gravy.How did divorce papers really pile holy crap whipping around to face what was head on I am sweeping up his mess my stockings are falling down my fight or flight talking about déjà vu “owe!”I’m going to make you pay. I need another man.

    Please no lefty leftover TV dinners. Real chef sun lighted my food painted it juicy colors art gallery the infinity of my rainbow reflecting on my car melting his heart through ice cream shop he’s the candy man on the maker What candy lip clips.He put them in her hair.                   

     His chest curly and hairy peep show Starkey white shirt 'Starsky and what a  star face staying in line no Hitch strong powerful sun. She was the woman of the sunset, a place; she always went it was her spot., not worrying about another age spot  

It kept her in touch with her aging imperfection goes a long way Midlife in the middle turning point she had to wish upon. One Long-Lasting -younger man Star

She was sitting peacefully on her worn out rocking chair Just reminiscing memories flashed back she lost touch, with good friends she loved so much.

    The sky was so blue clouds were moving so quick. She was looking up feeling a touch of younger hands but ageless smile remembering shadows that danced over them he was the moon he ducked between her clouds of coffee time.It flies away with you like a Robin bird it freezes for a moment and the butterfly. Doesn’t cling but those beautiful blue jays wake you up to sing? The butterfly changes like we do comes back like a love clove me or love me not or love me wanting so much to be loved.There it was out in the open that look his eyes all the time it clings. Love birds they just tweet regardless, if your love was

 Bittersweet web of connection aging nation we are all linked in A moment touched you beam, of a light you felt on your face. She felt sensual uplifted like light but she could see the darkness of the world outside she could imagine all the people but he stood out with his pinstripe lines of his boxers she was trapped in him wild thing. He kept her on her toes in the air strength came out in her hair.

She was dancing as if no one could judge her one step….two step a step back. It took her, then went step how it registered and found its home deep inside went forward two lovers could ever dance. *Love goes deeper than laugh lines*

Thinking back can you ever replace all the times you had.  We could never go back But pictures open a doorway to track. Such respect felt worthy deeper tan your lines. What you achieved in your life. Your future what it holds not gong back to your past that’s not you anymore. You are the brave heart Woman so much to give too many artificial people. But we all need to feel like were peter pans again high-spirited we are. Like a doctor plastic surgeon lines to inject. Your, eyes lost time of expression you needed to get back to reality. Like your body knock yourself out 22 waist line hey ladies start swimming we need to keep in shape. Don’t step over his waistline tunes of the in fines more like mad about Mozart love crimes.Let's procreate and set the mood spiritual cleansing.

     New England town walking you stop quaint tea Shoppe. Your moods are low but so high tea sitting sipping off calories. Sugary powdered lips refreshing lemon bars.You had that mid-life craving lemony bite aging teeth needed to be snow white. What happen I don't even know myself right now he was looking at me like I grown a second-hand head from a thrift store who would want a garment like me. This guy was a cop he said to me let's see your ID I said looking back for what sir I thought i was trapped inside the fun house mirrors needed to calm myself down all I can think of was my sleepy time tea. Feeling like menopausal baby crying. Didn’t your good aging ship come in? Shirley temples

singing to the navy. Snowy windows looking out mature man ride Speeding out like there teenagers With corvette hot rods. You look around people of all ages, sometimes you think

Maybe, I should have done things National Geographic. Did I lose my identity? Did I get much too graphic but I am an artist. He loves the water did I paint his lines to deep how I can sink into him.

     But I have all my papers in order merger entity What a world caught in the middle, I guess better to be in the middle and let’s be happy were not at the end. Midlife we wouldn’t exactly be calling a hotline wrinkle line of crises. We all need better atmosphere together worldly.

    Face Lift world so much hope. We get the bigger picture of the scope. Discovery mid-life stages all you or anyone wanting to be somebody, somewhere over our rainbow ways to cope. Wishing love journey investment and praying. Not letting time go to waste aging beauty___ “that’s you”___ style. Gene Kelly___ slowing down with grace.  

   You’re not the same person touching that red vibrant rose, or those red-brown foliage burnt fiery leaves bring orange. Drinking your tang you felt different going through a change

 home new age facing you needed to start over you felt somehow misplaced. You courageous loving parent midlife sometimes you feel like screaming for the hill how very unmerged we feel outer space the wrong green color alien. On another planet but you are down to earth world waiting and worth his hand rested heavily cupping her breast.

                                 Goddess lady love comes and love goes deeper than eternity.

         Deep movie set eyes than any delicate line imperfection. You tumbling through time those delicate lines flowing with the world waves tell a story your love the pure water god’s

 passage aging heart Like you wanted so much that fountain of youth The bottle wrapped with a bow it was coming towards high fashion designer stuff. You picked it up with gifted aging glow remembering how important how we all need love  Everything came back to you goes ever deeper than you know. Your wisdom of aging but I still don’t remember anything we never remember things. What we do remember is the things that won’t

 turn back our sex of a clock. My phone was newer than me and it didn’t have to worry about aging. The family tree generations and illuminating trees of foliage. Turn of the century paging you got the sixth sense your wisdom of aging her strawberry slick lip balm was her weapon he was your audience what a wicked concert.

     You felt yourself tumbling through time you were back to the time when you were little such adventure. Remembering the fun friend's boys and girls running through the change of season. Picking up leaves that significantly were something you felt connected too. Like your change wondering why, where did the time go? Like a rose aura smell, you loved passed you by? You were home in your comfort place it was aging like you, but you had time to evaluate. What this world of opportunity gave you is it worth the entire wait,

 you were reading you loved quiet mid-afternoon moment. Books, contemporary we all are a mystery; he was tied to your love ankle you became a character in the book. About you making midlife history he was the writer raging bull but you didn't give up you were the fighter revenge was your dish. New justify my love Jersey wish what charisma and exploding with character fighter. So you were content but missing a part of your life we need

 New age stuck in the middle with you the jumble of conflicting emotions of devices. Knocking at my door heaven or hell bell rings you pick your body up feel the aches touch than you eventually got your

army parts someone is drilling your body like coffee perk me up percolators.

       Erasing all your wrinkles you wish it was so easy subtraction on a calculator.Start taking up swimming to music don't go over the fine lines of my wrinkles cute when your pillowing a babies head when he's crying and his skin wrinkles what a  puppy dog. But God now the door bell is ringing how the thought set alarms Mr! Bo jangle so jangling all over me one bad wrinkle got to my nervous system You say whose there a person says_____ I am a friend of yours no sleepy heads please Rip Van Winkle someone young come to my door.

  We're so happy that someone rang your bell you didn’t get many visitors. So you were in deep thought you opened the door, you had to look.Your eyes raised curiosity.Like a cat opening her paw a tapered waist great but

The person looked foreign but familiar. But you really didn’t recognize him, you replied who’s there mid-life frantic like a cat of nine lives felt frisky. but lonely but narrowing her eyes challenging his words of company

you said it again whose there do I know you? Well of course but he wanted so much for her to be astonished like getting your wrinkle face what a drunk birthday how it spilled luxuriantly down my age brick wall  If she had to choose she rather have face gift.

“Surprised”!. He said I was someone you knew a long time ago, and she replies really face stillness glowed good spirit But her frowned marks you could see clairvoyant eye all in the reading he had such a boner. But she still didn’t know who he was distinguished, intelligent looking, Deep in thought a vision came, his face came into picture

 Could this be Ray? Deep secret water passage____ wave lines____, he changed for the better aging. How you both loved the drench of water sinking inside one another.He took out this red distressed beauty leaf and all the other colors.

 But this one stood out. with character, and fire warmth just like her. That was the one from years ago he put in her hair. There was a lot of explanations so special he lifted from his old booking

 So many years and years he especially saved it.Deeper he sank into her. He looked straight in her face, and said, I am your best friend, and put his wrinkled leaf and hands on her hair. Middle of her life showed change she took another swallow of her tasteless coffee why on earth did my taste buds change my coffee always felt his Chock full of heavens.

 ringlets but peek of fabulous Ray friendship sunshine.Saying you’re safe here and with me how she wanted him forever. They were kids cracking a safe of their cracker Jack box

That piece fiery red leaf right in the same spot in her hair. She remembered the day so vivid just like those leaves falling naturally on her. She had it written his name engraved in her Victorian Gothic and he was the moon blue shirt sturdy and I was ready to fuck the moon with him.Flying guitars erotically were strung together inside the book. They cried happy and sad but they were perfectly face lined for each other.  Enjoyed every second “ he said” we need to catch up what we lost in the past friendships you never give up how quickly time passes. Independent we equal years meeting the right person. We are all standing together worldly mid-life Woman

  Silvery moon stride but a spook mask don’t hide those Imperfections.But he was my Cream of the crop on this hellish day he looked into my angelic spirit of eyes.Let your reality meet perception. You feel like the queen turning over a new leaf ball masquerade.

 Whether were in the beginning or the mid-life middle, But eventually we all get to the end Cosmo our moon.

                    All we need is Love    Never--- ending        

                       Mid- life God sending. Stay young!