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I loved her immensely.

When I met him, at first glance she was done. Then I spent many nights in the warmth of her love. I don't know how the time went by, when I slept and when I opened my eyes. I don't know anything I was just lost in love.

Then one day she was suddenly lost in death.

I do not remember how all this happened, just remember that one evening when she came from the market was badly wet. The next day her cough started. For about a week, she coughs in bed. Doctors would come and give medicines. The medicines keep coming and the nurses keep forcing her to drink. Her hands were warm, her forehead was as warm as a hot towel. There was a strange twinkle in her eyes. I sat down and talked to him. Those were the things I don't remember. I've forgotten everything.

And then when the nurse made a cold sigh, I understood what that meant. I was quiet Then a priest came and spoke of the late dying. Tears rolled in my eyes like the waves of the sea and I sat silent and listened to everything.

She was buried and buried, the next day I set out for a long journey.

When I returned to my room yesterday, there was some strange atmosphere all around. It came into my heart to jump down the window. I couldn't stay in the room any longer and be outside for another moment. Then my footsteps were headed towards the cemetery. At the front was her tomb with a large stone mounted on it and engraved on it:

"In her youth, she left her husband alone"

I sat there for several hours. Finally, I noticed that the darkness of the night was increasing. I woke up and wandered into the cemetery for a while. There were new old, broken tombs. It was a men's town. There was a long silence and deep silence. Suddenly, I realized that I had come to the oldest part of the cemetery. There were only traces of graves left. Pieces of his rotten crosses were scattered around.

I wandered into the cemetery. It was as if her grave had been lost somewhere. I sat on the graves, my mind was wandering.

It was a while before I sat down as if the tombstone was shaking. I kept watching idols. At that moment a bone structure came out of it. She began to read the tombstone:

 "Jack lived his life by becoming a priest in the church. He loved humans and God was kind to him. He left the world at the age of fifty after receiving God's command. "

Then the bone structure leaned over and picked up the piece of stone and began to erase the texture of the stone. Then he picked up a bone and began writing on this stone:

"Jack died at the age of fifty full of fraud and deception. He was a pastor and played with the lives of girls who attended church. He had the blood of two people to become a priest and finally ... "

He was completing the phrase that I heard knock on my back and immediately turned around. All the dead came out of their graves and wrote on the tombs. Upon searching, I found the grave of my wife. I thought he must have written something on the tombstone. When I saw it it was written:

It was raining one day. I cheated on my husband and went to meet my loved one. I got cold on the way and died of my illness. "

In the morning my eyes opened when I was asleep on her bed. I think people may have picked me up from her grave and brought him home.

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