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Relativity solution after equated theories

O Is a dimensional power carry over so E = mc to the power of the curve 3 round or dimensionally correct sphere so being in the numbers O is not counted as the first number it’s relativity is dimensional so in a 3rd dimension space of relativity math is only correct when it’s in that dimensional full solution so 1,2,3, are the full dimensional carry over to numbers or dialect that’s the open dimension to that center mass of relative space time continuum E=mc 3 D    So pie is always center and carry over dimensionally with the architect so math meaning the first two are the equations the rest between the fastest way to them and what constructs into the full solution mathematically inside that O carry over so maths been done wrong for a long time.this open solution full it opens a whole new math but full so this is the universal language barrier and dimensionally all speed all sound all time all space and everything within the math and dimensional sacred geometry that’s always been hidden within this full solution and I found all idea so all invention like ++ centrifugal motion as in true freed non emissions energy and wrote the journals on them and so many cause and affects built within the theories of this until full solution full circle not square hence 
and the secret to the number 3 is it’s the only perfect Algorithm with O that same carry over dimension where sequenced right it unlocks everything in this solution +-  ++ -+ in all directions eliminating theory and giving all alignment and option to all communications so all idea or invention and I ran it together O123212321232123213O full circle around to O Power the perfect dimension and sequence of a number that always counts in 3s so 3+3+3= 9 that’s prime math or full relative 3x3=9 is squared math So angle or sharp edge without locked within the full solution that’s the + - (positive negative route to all chemistry where alchemy went the wrong direction) And the closed sequence to to dimensionally expose all scale and all barriers and not within so breaks all past present and future solutions of creative relativity in or out of the solution and its perfect because it’s true pie so tru full sound architecture like the grains of the stairs winding without a banister in the same motion of the same tree and grains as if the tree was still standing from E to full O so all relative alignment that’s antigravity tower leaning built architecture curve relativity tower still stands so astronomy welcome to the opening to the solution now the true 4th dimensional communications so existence or quantum physics after thus solution so out with rocket science and the last solution ever needed to know everything about time sound preasures and all translations of extra terrestrial life being all life relative where squared it’s alienated life so no natural network of neuro logic cosically aligned arching not firing so molecularizing rate for producing  atomic fusion cause we are atoms chemically until cellular so compressed processing to slow so leaking emission so radiation out methane in to the bottom of the brain
or in other words I use way more brain thru this solution and rythim unreadable by anyone so 100 percent secure where a firewall was the best code that could be done before because nobody had the solution and dimensional continuum sequence 
matthew Scott Poe 

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