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The Marriage Contract

The Marriage Contract

When Alina's eyes opened, she was alone in the room. She did not see her husband go. The duration of their marriage was a total of three hours.

This was not his first marriage, but not the second, third, or fourth. In fact, they have been married so much that they do not even remember the exact number. Alina's horrible life began with an incident in her office.

They would come and watch the girls dressed in fancy make-up clothes. Then old people would come and take them along. She says she was such a young and beautiful girl. I do not understand how a girl can sell herself like that.

Alina was separated from her family at the time and was also taking care of her sister, Rolla. But despite these difficult conditions, she promised herself that she would not depend on a man for her survival. Whenever men tried to hand over their numbers to paper pieces, they would ignore them.

One day a person came to his office and started talking to Alina. They both talked about their past and where they belong, why they are working, why they are not getting an education. Alina realized that someone was worried about her.

Life was getting harder for Alina. Living in Baghdad for such a low salary was difficult. Despite her vow to remain independent, Alina was now dreaming of a husband. An individual who cares about them.

The man came to his office daily and tried to get his attention. Alina slowly turned to him. A few weeks later, the man offered her a wedding. He took them to the Baghdad area of ​​Kazemin. Alina was very excited when they entered the marriage office.

The wedding ceremony was very short. Maulvi read a few sections and asked Alina whether he accepted the equivalent of $ 250 as a seal and was given a contract. Alina couldn't read it, but if she did, she probably wouldn't find anything wrong with it.

A few minutes after the marriage, her husband took her to a nearby flat to have sex with them. Although Alina was a bit nervous, she had in mind the idea of ​​a suitable home for herself and her sister. She left behind her husband in the backyard and closed the door and prayed that this person takes care of her and that they both live long together.

The first few days of this wedding proved to be like a fairy tale for Alina. "I felt like a heavy load was off my shoulders," he says. Finally, the time had come for me to deliver everything. But then a few weeks later her husband disappeared.

Alina did not know that her marriage was over, but that the date of her dissolution had been determined even before it began. There was a "marriage contract" between Alina and the man.

The "marriage contract" is a controversial religious practice used in the Shi'ite profession for premarital marriages and in which the woman is paid for marriage. This is the case with the Sunni majority in most countries.

Experts say that centuries ago, this kind of "marriage contract" was commonly practiced by merchants and men of the sanctuary who sought a mate because they were away from their wives. Alina decided to meet the Maulvi who taught her "marriage contract" after her husband disappeared. She says the man appeared to be waiting for her to arrive.

The Maulvi advised Alina to continue the "marriage contract" and to marry more because he had no other solution to his problems. The Maulvi also took pictures of Alina.

Alina knew that she could not afford to pay her salary and lack of education was a major obstacle to finding a better job. She also knew that the fact that she was no longer a virgin could be a hindrance to her seeking a permanent husband.

It is not possible to confirm all the details of Alina's story, but sources have confirmed that many aspects of her story resemble the story of other girls who have been exploited by Molvi's. Alina still regrets remembering the day when she decided to go that route. When a girl starts it, her life is ruined.

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