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The Woman and Her Form

The Woman and Her Form

The woman is simple and colorful in her understanding, you keep giving her the color that she enjoys throughout her life. You will have no problem, the problem only comes when you are obstructing her color. From what I've seen, the woman looks a bit like her in different positions.

When dealing with a woman as a girlfriend, a lot of talks and a lot of outings is a total demand.

When it comes to the status of a woman as a wife, the definition of food is simply controlled, but soon after that one of the demands must be made, be prepared for it.

When it comes to womanhood as a daughter-in-law, she wants control of the house so that she can set everything from vases to pots and kitchens to the drawing-room, painting, changing settings is her biggest passion. If you give him control of the house, then he or she gains control of your son and raises his knowledge of provincial sovereignty, so let him change the settings of his house or else he will change the settings of your lads.

Woman as a daughter wants to spend your pampering and a little extra pocket, in return she finds you standing right when your ladles don't even come close to you, takes away her pain and comfort until your headache.

The most valuable relationship with a woman as a mother is, no matter how annoyed she is, wait for her to sit down, sit at her feet and place her head on her knees, a word from the tongue. Don't say, in thirty to forty seconds, his hand will come to your head, after placing your hand on the head, it will open some of your latest and most important files, then whatever you say your answer should be "Gmi! You're right, my imperative is to increase my prayers so that I can be as you want me "Remember Mommy when she's standing. So don't try to convince her, she's barely willing to stand up, she keeps you moving from room to room. Don't waste time when she sits down, the story ends in a minute.

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