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Prayer for Friends.

Prayer for Friends.

Sometimes, when life has hurt you mentally, with unkind souls, and unfriendly hearts, and lonely thoughts, God turns your mind to a different direction. And a new world shines through, like the one here. I have met some amazing, remarkable writers here, but I'm not just talking about their writings, I'm talking about them as people, and seeing your beautiful minds, and being so warmed by your incredible kindness. 
Writers, I think, are a different breed, especially poets. They feel more, love more, and die more. I feel like I've met some angels here, and it's been wonderful. Thank you. I won't name you because I'll probably embarrass you, or forget someone, but you know who you are. 
Anyway, even angels(male of female) apparently aren't immune to physical problems, and my wish for this particular module of Cosmo, is that all the wonderful people here, who are experiencing some type of physical, or mental(like me, I'm a depressive piece of p**p) problems, that they will be helped by God, and relieved of their pain, because it hurts me to see angels hurting, themselves, and that would be the best gift ever, to see my wish for you be fulfilled. 

Thanks for being so nice. 


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Matthew....That is a very kind-hearted wish/prayer.  I am with you there.  I am sorry for your pains and for many who suffer.  Life is not fair sometimes, and it does seem that the nicest people I know are the ones who endure pain.  I am thankful for genuinely caring souls, like yourself that make the world a better place just by their empathy and sensitivity.  Bless you for being that kind of  person in a world that can be cruel sometimes.  Love n Hugs, "Cheerie"  ;)

A Lonely Journey

That's an angel calling the pot black...or something like that. Thank you for the kind words, and I hope you realize you're the same type of person, who always cares, and always gives, and is just wonderful. 
Love and hugs, too,