Patrick Epperson
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Lying in my bed. 
Thinking of you. 
Visions in my head. 
Why am I so blue. 

As I lay staring at the ceiling
Looking back into the past 
I recall the first feeling. 
And think hard of the last. 

The taste of your lips 
So so sweet. 
My heart did flips. 
You where my treat. 

The touch of your hand. 
On my face 
I began to understand 
This love race. 

I had all I want
With you by my side 
The world said dont. 
It's not worth the ride. 

Now alone in darkness 
I don't understand. 
From a loving caress 
To a broken man. 

I gave you my heart. 
Again and again. 
But you tore it apart 
Not even a friend. 

After all you have done
Fore or against me
All the bad all the fun
My heart cannot flee. 

Love remains 
Where hate should stand
I feel the pain 
Of this broken band. 
If in any of my tomorrow's  
Our paths shall cross
I hope I remember the sorrows 
Of our love loss. 

Because in darkness I see. 
The life of me an you. 
My heart will not flee. 
This is why I am blue. 

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