CosmoFunnel's mission is to publish, promote and connect artists and poets with the largest audience possible worldwide.

We feel that the authentic art and poetry lost its way in the recent decades, to the point that mainstream readers have forgotten how moving poetry alone can be and how captivating is the creative art in it's original form. As a result, most people find their feelings in music and movies, while poetry languishes on its lone shelf in the bookstores, waiting only for the occasional cameo at a university workshop.

But it shouldn’t take a scholar or an artist to be moved by the written word—great literature or spectacular art. All our lives are compelling, full of joys and burdens and profound experiences we should be sharing - art and poetry are the most intimate way to share it. When you read a poem or admire an art piece, you become the medium; the poet speaks in your voice, while the art paints the canvas within your inner eye.

This connection is more direct than any other, and it doesn’t take a Hollywood budget to do it. Read the poems and enjoy the art on cosmofunnel.com. Write a poem on a napkin and share it on cosmofunnel.com; Keep a journal and send us a page. Participate. The pure love of language and art is one of the most important experiences in the history of human culture, and somehow most of us have forgotten about it.

More than anything, our goal is to promote a community of active artists and poets. At CosmoFunnel, almost every art and poem published, starts from our frontpage. If we like your art or poem better than the poet laureate’s or the established artists, we’ll promote yours. That’s what makes CosmoFunnel so vibrant.

Being an active community of artists and poets also means that we’re always looking for feedback, and that we are always available through email, Facebook and Twitter and whatever interactive technology comes out next. There is no ivory tower, and no etiquette to worry about breaking. So join us and let your creative voice be heard.