Publish Your Wish

We are pure energy and together we hold the most powerful force known to mankind hidden within all of us.

Imagine a future when millions of people come together as one heartbeat, in one chant, with one voice and are focused upon one desire/ wish or prayer with pure intent and purpose beyond any doubt and with hearts filled with absolute compassion and love for all.

You are the conduits for change in this new era.

Imagine, feel, believe, You are the light within the light.

You are, all the possibility you have been searching for.

Connect to heartbeats that ache to awaken humanities consciousness to its forgotten divine source, purpose and fullest potential, by shifting it into a co-conscious gear, where possibilities are endless and abundance is our promised heritage and birth right.

Fill up your hearts with compassion and take a ride with love.

Join in with millions of people from earths beautiful corridors and lets take humanity for a co-consciousness test drive, and witness our long awaited shift towards its promised destiny as we all come together and realize our oneness and its magical impact on a global scale, where fear has silenced, and love is our only word, our only voice and our only choice.

Here is how it works.

Make and post the closest cause to your heart as a wish / desire / intention / prayer.

Invite your friends to join and makes this dream a reality.

We will pick the most popular wish / desire / intention / prayer from all over the world.

From 1 to 5.

The First wish that receives a million likes or travels the farthest globally will be chosen.

We will then assign a date and a time for all the participants to meditate and focus for a set amount of time towards the chosen intention and we will take consciousnesses for a test drive of a life time.

You can also donate any amount as little as a penny or as big as a Kenny, Jimmy or Jenny towards the chosen intent, and our Cosmofunnel assigned bank will donate it all towards the chosen cause.

You will be able to track and follow this event live.

P.S, Your comments and inputs are very valuable and crucial for this project, please enlighten us with your thoughts.


Glide on love

The Cosmofunnel team

  • World peace and harmony
  • Feed the hungry
  • Global healing
  • Global warming
  • One love, humanity, consciousness
  • Success
  • Love
  • Family
  • Prosperity
  • Happiness