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All is One

All is One

All is One and One is All. There is no separation, there is only One thing. When one falls, all fall, and one rises, all rises. When one descends, all descends, and when ascends, all ascends...

That is the truth of eternal life.

Yet many do not believe in the blessing of the light.

For many have forgotten who we are.

We are angels, stuck in the ashes, but we can rise. We can rise from the amnesia of sleep, and awaken to the presence of the light. For the truth is, we were never separate from the sovereign light. The light suffered as we suffered, wept as we wept, and died as we died...

And will rise, as we rise.

And all it takes is to believe.

Believe in the eternity of love, that can never be lost. Believe in the infinity of truth, that can never be destroyed. Believe in the divinity of hope, that can never fail...

And once you see the beauty divine, you will always prevail.

For truly, All is One and One is All.
These words are channelled from Spirit after meditation.

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