Dream -


Angels appear in Christmas cards and figurines.
They appear in fantasies and bible stories.
But my angels come in dreams.
With the softest of whispers and a rustling of snow.
In the ways that I imagine a divine being should go.
There is an aura around my room.
Of the purest white light I have ever known.
Time stands still for this heavenly encounter.
Really not sure if I am awake or asleep.
The texture of this meeting is so unreal.
I see the outline of upswept wings.
and this being is large rather huge I should say.
I see a kind face but not weak in any way.
beautiful eyes and a soft almost sad smile
I realize this one has gone with me a few miles.'
I thank God for the presence of this beautiful friend.
I know in his wisdom, he designed him for me.
He will be by my side until I no longer need.
A bodyguard caretaker of the angelic kind.


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