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What, happened, going to the circus ? I met a clown. I asked him for directions. He sent me the wrong way ! He thought that, was funny. I did not.
More like a nightmare, really.
Still, the vast majority hate " them. " Now, I know why.
IS THERE " HIDDEN " MEANING TO THIS ? Or, just in-tent ? You, decide.
A " Freak " show ?  :)

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Icarus Flocke

Very brilliant. I read over this several times, and was amazed
more with each reading.

BRAVO sir.


Shirley Pourbaba

Hi Richard,
Very interesting dream. Circus represents life. The clown represents the tricksters in our minds, and those we hand our full trust to and end up being deceived by them. in all your dream is telling you to trust in yourself and your intuition more, and not so much the outside noises and distractions that come in all directions to derail us from our true self and Devine path.
What gift of a dream. It applies to all of us I think.
Best regards