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Be who you are!!!

Be who you are!!!

     Live in your own truth!
And be who you are!

How do I measure success, by how others perceive me or by own standards and my own truth.

Sometimes we are trapped by our own insecurities and feelings of low self-worth and this prevents us from moving forward and achieving our goals in life. These feelings are sometimes perpetuated by partners, family, friends, work colleagues etc and develop into critical inner voices that hold us back. 

The true success of life is finding happiness in something that you enjoy, for some people this is in the little details of life, so for instance waking up to nature, to birds singing in the morning or being woken up to breakfast in bed, or seeing your child take their first steps or utter their first words. 

For others it is being surrounded by friends and family and for some it is the bigger things in life that makes them happy, such as landing a business deal, getting a promotion at work, having a nice house, car etc. We all have different definitions of what happiness is and how to achieve it. 

For me it is having inner peace and the only way I can achieve this is to be true to myself and change the things that I can change and accept the things that I cannot change.

So dream big and don’t let anyone hold you back or define your self-worth!!

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