Dream -

Distant empathy

Once upon a time, is usually how it starts, of a story, which is told of broken hearts. The gallantry, on horseback to his loved one, stories of loss & wars of past that no one won, but I ask to those who, ignore a message free to unite in peace, freedom & no poverty,
The story darkens,when we look at our pollution always on the take from nature too much, never the solution, however mankind was gifted this wonderous planet, we ruin & destroy, interfere & ban it, solutions are easy, if not put on the back burner. The world is our oyster, we can be the big earner, why has the trust faded for those at the top? Why has the corruption been allowed, so why not look in the mirror,of this story told & ask why it repeats, no one learns from old, we pass through time in, a simple destruction mode, warned of our dangers & future haste nuclear code. I dream of a story, where peace can unite a national agreement, that all see the light, a tale of unity, return brothers home from war, no reason for death decided by others, lies & secrets as before, so rise up your hands, not fists & see all peace & harmony must blend,to finally agree. 

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