Dream -

dream girl

this is a true story, the central mystery of my life.  I first dreamt of marrying my wife 45 years ago. the first dream came to me while I was in high school.  I fell asleep in a physics class and saw a beautiful woman standing there.  She was an Asian woman and was speaking to me in a foreign language. I screamed out "who are you?" and fell out of my chair.

I started having the same dream week after week for five years.  One day I had to decide where to go in the Peace Corps and was torn between Korea and Thailand.  I had the dream that morning and in the dream I knew she was in Korea waiting for me. So I went to Korea in the Peace Corps to meet the girl of my dreams. 
I kept looking for her everywhere but never found her although I thought that I sawher once or twice in the distance.

then one day a year after the Peace Corps I was teaching for the US Army and deciding whether to go back to graduate school and had to give notice to my employer.

that morning I had the last dream.  She told me "don't worry, we'll meet soon."

that night when I got off the bus to go to my base camp where I was teaching, the girl in the dream walked off that bus and into my life.

the next day she was waiting for me and told me that she was madly in love with me and that I was hers.  I told her I felt the same way and we started dating.

we got married two months later and have been together now for 37 years.  and to this day I still recall the dream as if it happened yesterday.