Dream -

Leveling of the light

The obvious situation is that we all have something very special layer before us. In the end I know you think who’ll be there when they lay you down 
Who will come to know you at this last place 
Who will visit a land that holds not you but the bones of a friend 
Rotting turnips who we all wait to ring a bell. 

Ghosts are all around us eventually 
Let’s haunt each other as we breath. 

Let’s build a day in our skin 
Whatever it takes 
The men who had the other men 
The leveling of the light. 
The leveling of the light 

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Tony Taylor

Hello BECAUSE 10G's!!......I REALLY like the subject matter that you chose to write on here....... The metaphysical is becoming more&more relevant these days..... the paranormal aspects of life and deaths offerings are VERY well represented here..... bringing many questions to light ~

        ~ "Who will visit the land that holds not you
            But the bones of a friend
            Rotting turnips for whom we all wait to ring a bell...."

Some very well crafted poetic prose here.....VERY well conceived and well delivered!!.......ALL STARS!!...... well penned dear poet brother!!.... and......WELCOME to COSMO!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo. : )