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loss of the people i've learned to love

loss of the people i've learned to love

Once I dreamed I was running away from home, as I do often. But it felt off this night. I was in a place I have never known before. Under a bridge as blue lights brightened the black sky above. I would not stop running because everyone here knew me. People I do not recognize laughed with me, as if they were joining me. I am assuming they were now, that I have thought about it.
I continued to run, further from a house I had seen before, but never entered. It was the house I had to call my home, in this dream. As i ran, to the place I live in now, I got colder. I could feel it. I entered my home, but no one was inside. the walls were covered with blood and the footprints I heard were coming close. I see my dead loved ones. Best friends, and my partner. As I cry the masked figure stabs a knife into my chest, waking me up.

I have had this dream many times, even a week in a row at one point.

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Terry Kay

Oh Bring, .I used to have a reoccurring nightmare.  It was such a drag.  Nicely relayed and pinned.  😘 Terry Kay