Dream -

Masses of water

Masses of water

It's bubbling up behind the horizon,Β 
I can hear it in the underbelly of the earth and also in my stomach.Β 
I am talking with a mix of animals and friends all faceless and anthropomorphic, as dreams go it feels so normal being there and I have been there beforeΒ 
​​​There are two Guatemalan children or maybe it's a mother and a child, but I know that it's my duty to save them both when the water comes,Β 

When the water comes it will flood the land, it will be so powerful and I have seen and survived it before,
Its now getting darker, there is a shadow starting to darken the buildings and I can hear the white noise of the water,Β 

The two Guatemalan people look at me with pleading eyes, and I lift them on my back and climb up an electricity pole,Β 

The water is thrashing through the parks, subways and houses,Β 
It's just about to reach the pole and I can see its lip,Β 

Then I wake,Β 
Then I wake in sweat.Β 

I wonder do the Guatemalan people wake up too?Β 

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Richard Waters

" WHO DOESN'T MIND A GOOD FLOODING ? "Β  That, is " rice " ? And, rich. Obviously. :)

Michael Roy

You're a great writer and story-teller, Amy. I enjoyed reading this.