Dream -

Seངond ངhanངe

Seངond ངhanངe

Dreaming is my only hope,
feeling to relax in an spherical envelope.

Intriguing obligations from the world,
no need to follow always the herd.

To be a being is my goal to run for,
i will pass through every dark door.

Evil laughing towards the resistance,
gives the clue to its reason of existence.

So I go on dreaming of a better place,
an answer for how escaping this maze.

Indefeasible is my dream to finally gain understanding for life,
so i can accept every being that also only wants to survive.

To dream of reality 
as if it where dreams,
to learn that nothing is what it seems.

If my dream shall come true,
hopefully for you too,
that is understanding the other like the self,
starting with our own,
to come down from the egoistic throne.

Believing to understand myself so only then I will understand the others,
is probably the only way for a life
with brothers.

Forgiving my enemies in the blaze of a fight,
Giving light to the ones that only see the night.

Why is it so hard to be kind,
while the mad doesn’t mind.

It is wrong to point on the mad our attention,
this will not change his foolish ways,
“Only you can change the attitude toward
mad things... the difference is that you didn’t cause a madness too.”
That’s what my dream always says.

To dream is not as easy as I meant,
strongly following the hope to achieve
all the answers till the end.

Tonight lets dream that we see each other’s failures like friends,
for we all carry failures and want from others also a second chance.