Poem -

5 biggest fears

No.1 I have a fear of heights and I'm okay with that because I fall for you everyday which keeps me close enough to the ground that I feel safe.

No.2 the dark, see I don't like not being able to that's why when ever I'm with you it's okay. Because your eyes shine bright enough to illuminate any room we are in. 

No.3 spiders, nothing poetic I just think they are creepy.

No.4 I imagine being on a island stranded alone knowing no-one could find me, while i sit there huddle next to a tree with no reason to move forward. I feel a warm touch press on my shoulder. I open my eyes, everything seems different the white scattered sand is now my bed. waves which held me back from moving forward, now my blanket which seems to feel as heavy as a tsunami of depression and deep thoughts. I lay there as if I'm stuck in the sand and being drown by waves. Being held down by my past and worries of my future. two hands lifted all the weight off me, I looked up and there she was, she grabbed me by the...

No.5 my heart is beating faster and faster as I run an endless marathon. My palms get sweaty, it gets harder to breath as if I was trapped in space with no air tank. I try to push through I will not let myself drop out of this one so early. I have a fear to love, not of love but to love. I want to find it but I'm to afraid of letting myself become vulnerable, as if I'm joining a war with no gun just my heart hoping not to get shot down but be accepted with open arms. I have scars and battle wounds from past wars but you lended a hand to patch me up. You showed me not all wars are worth fighting Alone. I am afraid to love I am not afraid of love Is something I would say. I am afraid to love anyone whom isn't you.

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Hello Austin...

Welcome to Cosmo!

This is a very sweet write!

If words could melt a woman...

We'd be liquid...
Beautiful heartfelt write!

Thank you for sharing...