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A Cerebral Issue

A Cerebral Issue

Only if they could see, 
Only if they knew, 
That the man on the outside... 
Isn’t the real you. 
Happy, let them see it, 
Sadness, hide it away. 
That smile that is on your face, 
Let’s keep it every day! 
Faking it is everything, 
You wouldn’t want them to be sad. 
Because that feeling, after all, 
Would make you feel really bad. 
1, 460 days, Without a cerebral issue. 
But we both know one thing that is for sure, Austin! 
You’re always buying more tissues! 
You go home to your room, 
And try to hide your tears. 
But you know your sadness will never go away, 
As long as I am here. 

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Mai B

I relate to this, it is nice work. Just don't hesitate to use stronger and more diverse imagery. You bear pain you need to communicate; be passionate about it. Best of luck!

Austin Harness

Thank you very much, Mia. I appreciate your comment and I will definitely work more on my imagery.


Great first entery Austin. Congratulations on the nomination.

- Syd