Poem -

A conflux state of being

And preselected
We in bloom
Are infected
While few grew
The many rue
A world that is confused
One that all peruse
Beguiled by you
In a way we never knew
A spiritual ritual
Of karmic vestibules
Chanted outward
In a mantra the conscious brewed
Within awakened minds
The last revelry of mankind
What is born
Grows old too soon
What then dies
Is soon renewed
What seems obvious
Becomes skewed
What is pure
Then turns lewd and crude
In the untrained minds
Of ignorant fools
Who are recklessly cruel
Like the world that is fuelled
By like minded people
Corrupted and greedy
Lacking purity
Of both body and mind
Yet when refined
And connected to the divine
Could evolve to be sublime
Within the blinking of an eye
And our great design
For a humanity so kind
Can be repaciously achieved
Through an enlightemed state of being
And in the ether of life
And through the fog of strife
We can be everything thats right
Like a thousand candles
Being lit at night
We can glow so bright
For a limited time
But the beautiful memories
That we will leave behind
Will always resonate
Through both universe
And the collective spiritual mind
Of souls come and gone
Who dwell in peace
In Nirvana that place we know to be home
We live in a conflux state of being
Both as spirtits of energy
And as humans living within a self created dream.

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Edward Williams

That last line is somthing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately
” we live in a conflux state of being both as spirits and energy’s and as humans living with a self created dream”
this says so much and I just love it 
awesome work


Thank you very much for reading and understanding my friend