Poem -

A deeper beauty...

A deeper beauty...

Again I find, I'm talking to myself 
Again I find, I'm losing my breath 
I only show enough to stop me weeping 
I have enormous beauty and depth 
Again I'm back in my bedroom like 1998
Again I'm self indulging my body of hate 
I only wrote about what I was dreaming 
The deeper you go, the greater my wealth
Again the pen takes to every sincere page
Again my imagination takes away the pain
I only float effortlessly when on my own
I invite you to swim, then you won't forget 
See the beauty in deep ocean's 
I am blue crystal with emotion
I invite you to see my vibrant wonders 
Not the sea bed, but under the covers 

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We are, all of us, so much more than what others see. I agree with Lauren... those "I am blue crystal with emotion ..." lines, are lovely

Wayne Stubbs

Hola Tina! Thanks very much as always, I've been super busy over weekend working, and I wanted to have time out and just think haha, that's where my early night came into action 🤣👍👏👏☮💓 always Tina 😊