Poem -


How do I tell you
Of the pen in my hand
That writes words 
From the other
I do not form or command

How do I tell you 
That in my loneliest angst
In my bitterest strife
I am never alone 
On this pathway called life

How do I tell you
That this body is not mine
Merely a guise for a part
A flesh and blood armour
Just a house for a heart

How do I tell you
That we are all things unseen
All things that are
All things that have been
And all inbetween

That we are nowhere 
And everywhere
Nothing and all
Insignificant tiny
Magnificent tall

How do I tell you
The truth cannot be known
Untill the end of our plight
That when the moment is right
We shall journey back home.
Marion Price(2019)


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Jill Tait

Brilliant luv How do I tell at all xxx

Icarus Flocke

I absolutely LOVE the metaphysical nature of
this work which very well expresses the profound
interconnectedness of all things, and points out
'thing in self" (as Kant called it) which is not of
the flesh, but something higher, and everlasting.

your style is unique my friend.

Marion Price

Yes but if I don't believe in conventional gods...how to explain it??...how to know something deep in the soul that every day life and reason negate?? Thankyou I appreciate your feedback 💕