Poem -

a dying mother's advise

a dying mother's advise

Remember there's always a choice in life, you get to choose.
And if a lesson is learn from then you're a winner and you dont loose
you can only live one day at a time
live well and your life will be fine
treat others like you want them to treat you
and don't try to be something your not
to your own self be true
dont want more, be grateful for what you've got
these gifts are what I pass onto you
along with honesty, confidence and trust and an instinct to protect those in need
and looking after your own is a must
be secure in the knowledge I will always care
I won't let you down
you know I will always be there
and if 1 day im ever chosen to go
be certain at your side I'll remain
i'll be there for you as I've always been
as your guardian Angel just the same       

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Randy Johnson

Very touching and beautiful. This poem definitely deserves 5 stars.

Mandy Hoy

thank you,  your comment means a lot x