Poem -

A flower cried

A flower cried

I held her warmth intact to my heart
that night

a stormy weather
lightening upon us enlightenment to our Souls
for love we knew as kept

I held her like a flower in its innocence.....softly
her petals gracingย my eyes

as I looked up..... her eyes were down on me as beautiful as her
then there were a light....the lightening strikes as her tear drops fell a wetness upon my love

Like a kiss to my lips....a kiss to a kiss.

another yet another again and again a pleasantย 
in my mind....don't stop...I thought of only us as

then I held her even closer...skin upon skin tight a frictionย 
within deep as within my being

and I knew that love was loving love as us

the way love is meant to be
the way YOU and I emigine...a fantasy to this need...
This meaning of now

let me love you
let me love you
whispering into every pore of
her gentle soft

and another petal fell
upon my eyes of love to heartย 

that night
a flower rained
....on me.

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Barry Childs

That night, a flower rained on me. Fabulous. What a beautifully crafted poem.ย  Barry x

Mitsali Fatima

Incrediblyย compelling and sweet! Your writing is like a soft sigh on the wind :)