Poem -

A Golden Broken Chain

A Golden Broken Chain

We could spend all night just talking
Telling each other secrets from our past
So we would take a pledge together
Promising that we would always last

Tho that was yesterday & Oh so long ago
I wish the test of time could heal the pain
Then you’d be in my arms forever
But our love is like a golden broken chain


I’m telling you I don’t wanna ever part
Coz that would break my heart in
& That would never do
Lets listen to our hearts
I know we can work this thru
There’s the love out there that’s made for me & you

I’ll wait around for you forever
There’s no way I could find another you
So if you change your mind
Please come home
I’m praying that you will stop me feeling blue


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill...so you are a song writer talented lady as well....I am impressed...Love songs are the best!  Sigh.....I am drawn to the sad emotional ones like you have written here with a wistful feel.  I wish I knew the tune....Great lyrics. Love n Hugs, xo

Jill Tait

Yep luv over 40 in lol under 2 yrs but just me singing my songs coz cant play any instrument worst luck but my tunes are nice haha fit so well shame bout the voice haha xxx