Poem -

A Mother's Journey

I’ve been waiting for this
A lifelong desire –
My prayers have been answered
My motherly role, I soon acquire.

Nine whole months, a learning curve.
A most selfless experience, with many changes to observe.
My body changes, my mindset too
A relationship develops
Between me and you

As the due date approaches, I thank God we’re both well
A beautiful baby for your dad and I, I can tell.
We love you already, your kicks and your wiggles.
We look forward to hearing your bonnie baby giggles.

Oh baby, we look forward to meeting you
With a hug and a kiss, we will greet you.
We’ll shower you with love, warmth and affection
As we live together under God’s divine protection.

You’ll live in abundance, there is no deficit.
God provides for us, our gifts are heaven-sent.

Not long now, baby, until you arrive
‘Til now, inside my womb you have thrived.
Not long now, baby, ‘til you’re on my bosom
The fruit of my labour, the fruit of my womb.


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