Poem -

A pain in the neck

A pain in the neck

I have a pain in the neck that is driving me mad
It hurts like heck coz it is very bad
Guessing I must have been lying with a twisted head a couple of nights ago in my bed
but the trouble is ‘Man alive’
I can’t look around so cannot drive
Honestly there’s always something wrong with me nowadays
just like a hypochondriac
and with my tinnitus and trouble sleeping I am an insomniac

Woe is me I am feeling sorry for myself
as I scrutinise my neck in my mirror on the bathroom shelf
Old age definately doesn’t agree with me
I swear I’ve went downhill last year when I turned sixty
They say 60 is just another number and yes this might well be true
but blast with blitherations it doesn’t half make me blue

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Greg Etsell

great poem 
I ones woke 
up with my head on 
neck on my 
and couldn't lift
it off when I tried
it hurt I didn't go 
to the doc I had the
day off from work
but still  went out 
driving don't ask 
how I did that 
I just did it 
next day I could lift 
it but it hurt to do so
by the end of the week
I was ok agin and never had 
that agin like that the back of
of my neck hurts alal the time 
bec of looking at my phone 
all day oh well

Jill Tait

Awww hey maybes its coz always lookin at phone then  well iv just slept an hr on sofa but still sore x think itl b right in few days hopefully iv had it yrs ago xx Thanks Greg as always ❤️💙❤️