Poem -

a parents Hope's and dreams

a parent can hope,
a parent can dream,
that their children will smile through anything.
they are more resilient than we think and give them credit for,
these kids of ours that we all cherish and adore.
unfortunately some less than others,
but me personally?
I couldn't love my kids any less or any more.
my heart is theirs forever,
I love all 3 to their very core!
playing football,
down the playing field,
me in goal,
in the bright pink wheelchair that I wield.
backwards and forwards in the goal I wheel,
smiling through the searing pain that I feel,
all to give my boys true memories of me that are real.
Their Hope's and dreams are funnily enough my salvation.
they keep me strong.
keep me willing in my life to carry on.
They give me strength I never knew I had.
Even though sometimes they drive me insane but a.nice kind of mad.
I hope my boys realise they're lucky,
lucky to have such a loving and caring dad.
in the same sense that I'm lucky,
for these 3 boys that are more good than bad.....
I love them all in copious amounts,
to infinity and beyond and back,
off I trounce.
3 young carers,
9 and 12,
I feel for my boys,
as on each of their shoulders,
they carry a 3rd of the world.
Never letting their emotions flood their brain,
they are only still children,
how do they stop themselves from going mad insane?
somehow my boys are pulling through.
into a little gentleman,
Kobe has grew,
Riley and Bradley are catching up,
they're nearly there too.
Each 1 is different in so many ways,
except when they're on one of their wind up days.
I cherish them with all my heart.
I love them with all my soul too,
I just love them all unconditionally,
as I would expect any other parent to do!
I may be ill and  I may be slowly dieing,
but to my kids I'm well and fit as I don't want them upset.
I don't want them crying.
so our house is full of smiles and full of laughter,
making amazing memories,
for us all to keep forever after!