Poem -

A Poetic Parasite...

A Poetic Parasite...

A leech to life,
I will invite,
I'm a strange kind,
A poetic parasite! 
I'm losing my love,
My love to write,
My life is unwinding,
Nobody, to confide in,
Where do I go, if I haven't got my pages?
I search for stories, on people's faces, 
I try to help the wounded,
I try to help the damned,
Why is my life so confusing,
Why can't I just understand,
Understand, why this life,
I've had thoughts of suicide,
So to walk this earth,
I choose to be a parasite,
Maybe poetic,
Maybe pathetic,
I'm not quite sure,
I'm sure there's a reason, why I'm not pouring onto paper,
I'm drowning in feelings, but so scared to see it, I'll write something later,
Even I know, that I'm a contradiction,
Sometimes drink, is my only sedation,
A beautiful woman recently said to me "why have you got to prove yourself?" 
For a minute I just welled up and couldn't speak,
I always have words, but this, I let dwell on me,
A hurting mind,
Is a struggling life, 
So please, just be nice,
I'm only...

A Poetic Parasite.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Wayne....I don't see you as a poetic parasite at all.....but one who struggles with depression....I have been there too.  It can make us see ourselves in a warped perception.  I get scared sometimes if I feel a lull in my writing abilities to come....writer's block, etc....but the inspiration always returns and does when it is time to....I think sometimes the gentlest souls are the ones who suffer sometimes in life....It is not fair...but a phenomenon that I have seen and seen beauty in the sadness.  Thank you for sharing. xo ;)

Wayne Stubbs

Wow!! Thanks for your lovely and supportive comment, I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, it's just another one of my ups and downs Haha, thanks very much 👏👏👏😊💜