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A Recognisable Tick.Tock⏰

A Recognisable Tick.Tock⏰

As each second of every minute advances on a clock I hear the constant throbbing beat... a recognisable tick.tock
Momentarilary moving our memories.. one’s twinklings of time.. passing by so speedily amidst the quarterly musical chime

A certainty of precision, an infiniteness of age like an avid reader of a novel on the turning of a page... there is none that can compare to the accuracy of immortality, exquisite engineering with its cogs of instrumentality

Trillions of time-keepers in an abundance of shapes & sizes, each one with a sole purpose of displaying chronological exercises... wrist watches, wall clocks, different dresser designs
belonging to independant individuals, depicting our world’s Grenwich mean time guidelines

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